1. PR:- Public Relation has changed. Rather than waiting around to be pitched by traditional PR reps, many media members are looking for their own sources by heading to Google, Twitter or HARO.  At Elevate we know that an engaging tweet that leads to a Skype interview, followed by a Google+ Hangout group chat and results in a series of articles in top blogs, has a bigger impact for your campaign than any other old ways. Our services includes:-

• New Media Strategy Development • New Media and Communications Training • Online Identity Creation • Online contests and promotions • Social Media Audits • Online Newsroom Development • Content Creation • Online Monitoring • Media Relations • Online Audience Identification • Keynote Speaker and Panelists • Spokesperson

2. Special Events

Many businesses are taking advantage of the potential of event hosting in promoting their business. Inviting 100,000+ people to an event is just a click away!If you really want people to sit up and take notice, put on a production, we can manage it for you- seamlessly. Some examples of Special events include (but are not limited to):

• Webinars • Virtual conferences • Press events • Product launch   • Book signing

3. Digital Marketing:-

It can move mountains. Or at least brand awareness, audience engagement, loyalty, and sales. Digital marketing is a compact term for a broad discipline. It’s often defined by its output—websites, apps, banner ads, SEO, podcasts, email. But we define it as the place where engineering, art, writing, and an understanding of audience behavior converge to tell a story.