Six reasons why authors decide to hire a PR agency. 

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In the three years since I’ve been published, I’ve come to realize if you don’t know how to get in touch with your audience, you’re dead meat, and your book won’t sell but to a few friends and members of your family and will stop right there.

This is really common knowledge, but you’d be amazed at how many new authors don’t know how to go outside of the box when they are setting up their book marketing plan. Let’s hope they already know they need a website.  Then, there’s setting up a blog to talk about your book and garnering a few reviews from reputable publications and interviews from the media. But, what if the author doesn’t know how to do this or where to go?  That’s when  they enlist the help of us and here are six reasons to hire a PR agency.

  1. They are too busy writing and need someone to do the PR for them.
  2. They do not have access to media databases or mailing lists.
  3. They understand the importance of press releases but don’t know how to use them effectively.
  4. They want to do author tours but don’t know how to set one up.
  5. They want to do radio and TV spots but don’t know the first place to go to attain them.
  6. They are tired of ho-hum sales and need outside help to point them in the right direction.  If you are you one of those, contact us today?

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