7 reasons to be mindful with your business

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Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be continuously present with experience. Within the practice of mindfulness, thoughts and feelings are observed as events in the mind, without over-identifying with them, and without reacting to them in an automatic, habitual pattern of reactivity.

Mindfulness practices help us to respond reflectively to situations instead of reacting to them based on conditioned habits or reflexes. With mindfulness practice we can shift our relationship to ourselves and our life experiences in a way that allows for greater spaciousness, acceptance and compassion and in doing so can dramatically improve the quality of our life and business.

Being fully present with your business. Being completely intentional about everything you do may sounds just like the language of people who meditate. You are right. It is. You need to know that mindfulness is being applied to many business situations and here is why.

1. You will be awake to the real intention of what the business is about;

2. Chances will be higher that your business will arrive at the place you intend;

3. Relationships with clients and colleagues will grow to be more productive;

4. There will be less conflict among the people with whom you work or do business with;

5. Being awake to opportunity, creativity and innovation will be fostered;

6. You’ll have fewer surprises to confront, saving you energy and time;

7. Feeling more alive, you will notice clues in the environment and increase effectiveness.

Mindfulness isn’t a whole new set of rules to follow. Instead, it helps you tap into your “inner expert.” You’ll learn how to become more aware of your  thoughts, and your feelings and take the right action at the right time. As you develop your mindful skills, you’ll likely discover that intention and attention are valuable in every aspect of your life too!


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