10 best business motivational websites

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When it comes to achieving our business goals, motivation can be a bitch. Some days we’ve got enough to spread around and other days we’re desperate for even a bit of it.

On days where I just don’t want to think at all, I turn to external sources of motivation to get me up and moving. Here are are my top websites that I head to for a boost of motivation.

1. Entrepreneur – This is an interactive site combined with its powerful blog and commitment to answering ‘How to..?’ questions. GREAT business and entrepreneurial tips!

2. Inc – I love to go to inc for their incredibly comprehensive list of short, educational articles on absolutely everything business-related, from starting up to finance to leadership and growth.

3. Social Media Examiner – Best when deciding whether various social media tools will help you achieve your business goals, and getting the most bang for your buck on the tools you do use.

4. Forbes Woman – This is my go-to site for connecting with other women and joining the conversation on the intersection of popular culture and professional women. It also has a compilation of insights on business, culture, entrepreneurship, and current events from a range of smart women writers.

5. Design Sponge Biz Ladies – This is another place I go to get detailed advice from a friendly someone who’s been there, done that. The website has a weekly series on this acclaimed design blog spotlights insider advice and instruction on a variety of business topics, like building a wholesale business, promoting events, and using Kickstarter to fund your company or early initiatives. These guest posts, written by a variety of entrepreneurs, make sure you won’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

6. BusinessWeek Small Business – Business Week has been a solid source of business information for years. The magazine’s small business site is an equally solid resource.

7. Under30 CEO – Lists, run-downs on tools and apps, quick strategic advice.

8. IttyBiz – This site is an especially valuable resource if you’re looking to start an online business, but it’s got tons of great information on marketing in general.

9. Fast Company – Keep up with business news and leaders in industries like media, publishing, design, tech, and more.  – This site has valuable tips and resources for entrepreneurs of all ages.

10. You’re the Boss – This NYT blog comments on small business news while offering tips for finding clever ways for building a complete career as an entrepreneur and a solid reputation.

Motivation is all around us, you just need to open your eyes to see it!


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