How to dig for gold from your very own clients

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Many businesses detest to open up their doors and listen to their customers.  They find the prospect terrifying.  But last week reminded me that inviting your customers to talk to you is a very very good thing.

One of our clients runs a successful group of ‘restaurants with rooms’, but are seeing some issues with one particular venue.  I suggested we get some of the locals together and find out what the problems and perceptions of this venue are. There was panic and resistance from the client initially, however, after the event, a big sigh of relief all round.

The consumer comments turned out to be insightful, helpful, perceptive and not so bad.  Certainly fixable. Not only that, but now they have made some positive connections in the area.  The client can relax in the knowledge that what they are doing is essentially really good, but a few easy tweaks can now be implemented to evolve their business.

A good aspect of human nature is that people will always offer you help if you ask them. So don’t be afraid of getting out there, mixing with ‘the people’, asking them what they really think. Start to dig a little bit and you might just find some gold.



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