Escape doing ALL the Work Plus mid-year resolutions

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It’s called outsourcing!

Blogs, twitter, facebook, flickr are now all fundamental and integral parts of all our lives.  That is without doubt a good thing – better communications, faster communications, the ability to tell the whole world (or whoever is listening) what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

However, they do take a lot of time to do.  People like us exist to provide the content for all these networks, to keep them filled and updated.  All our clients now have to outsource companies like us as they certainly don’t have the time or the will to manage their own content.

The downside for us is that we spend so much time doing other people’s, that our own gets left empty.  Not that great but the day is only so long.  I look at it differently, we are so busy fulfilling our client’s needs, we tend to put our own to one side.

My mid years’ resolution is to change all that. So hereinafter a daily blog post will now appear….yes it will.


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