How to cultivate your potential

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

The greatest obstacle to being all you could be is satisfaction with who you are. What you could do is always vulnerable by what you have done.

Very few of the 5 billion people on this planet will ever maximize the full potential. Most people live mediocre lives. The full extent of their capabilities and talents go untapped. They are not even aware of the tremendous potential they possess.

Potential is your unused strengths. Your hidden talents. Your untapped abilities. Your dormant talents. There is a great wealth of potential within you. But you must decide if you will expropriate the world or bestow the world with those gifts that are locked away inside you.

History is always made by individuals who dare to challenge and exceed the average. It is incumbent upon each of us to ask ourselves:- have we become all we are capable of? have we done the best we can do? have we used our gift and talents to their limit?

I’m always inspired by and in awe of the people I’m in the room with. One time i was in a group included someone whose research is related to curing cancer, another who is working on nuclear fusion as a cleaner alternative to fission, and one who is trying to create a material which will safely store hydrogen so it can be used to power cars.

I viewed the experience as personal development for myself. I get chance to use my pr skills, to give and receive feedback, to help people set and meet objectives, and to support people as they push their comfort zones and experience new things.

What struck me is how much the professional researchers, undervalue their skills.

As researchers they prioritise, analyse, critique, discuss, decide, assess, advise, teach, negotiate, write, discover, network, work in teams, work alone, and much, much more. But most of them don’t recognise these skills as being relevant to employers outside of academia.

That day i found out that it’s my job to tease out those skills and hold up a mirror so the researchers realise what amazing potential they have. I do the same with companies, finding the stories that the media and their customers want to hear.

So if you don’t think your company has any media-worthy material, or you think it does but you can’t find it, throw down the gauntlet for me. I can almost guarantee I’ll find it.


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