Pinning! How To Pin Your Brand all The Way To The Top

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Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool used to “pin” images found around the Web into pin boards. Let’s put this way, it is somehow like an online interactive scrapbook. Like all other social media we have heard about, you can follow fellow users, share their content, make comments and tag. You’ll get real-time pin updates from the people you follow. You can also easily share your pins on Facebook and Twitter. This new media is fun and  seriously addicting.

So how do you use Pinterest to grow your business instead of wasting more time on yet another social media hype!.

* Follow, Repin and Like others:- If you like their style, they may like yours and follow you back

* Create boards beyond your products and brands, but related in some way: for instance, if you’re a restaurant, Pin amazing food photos from your menus and beyond; if you’re a health brand, Pin healthy living and fitness messages; a fashion designer, Pin other tips useful to fashionistas.

* Add a Pinterest icon to your website

* Make sure you generate visually appealing content that links back to your website or blog ( this is important).

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* Provide images that lead to a list of useful tips (e.g. how to speak in public with confidence)

* Take easy on the same ol’ brand images: You don’t want to alienate other Pinterest users by spamming them with irrelevant content.

I believe Pinterest is here to stay: you can only explore Facebook for so long before the select group of people that you are ‘friends’ with run out of things to say or show you. But there’s always something new to Pin about

This is the time to show an interest in Pinterest! Pin it.


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