The Quick Fix Tip To Clear Your Mind

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Photo by damewallis
Photo by damewallis

There are some days that you just don’t feel like doing anything or you completely lack focus. I know this because it happen to me every now and then. It is even worse when you work alone and no one to talk to but you don’t have to cry about it.  If you find yourself stressed out, lacking inspiration, too much coffee and still in desperate need of some energy, i have a “quick fix tips” that will help you get back on track, almost immediately. It works for me, and it may work for you too if you try them.

photo credit: greatist
photo credit: greatist

1. Breath. Yep, only takes you a few minutes, yet it works for hours. Try finding an isolated spot (even the bathroom will work), close your eyes, stretch your upper body and breath consciously through your lower belly for a few minutes. Preferably breath in through your nose and breath out (with some strength, but slowly & don’t pay attention if you make some sound) through your mouth. Try to stay focussed on the breathing. Works better than 5 hour energy!

2. Day dream/ mind traveling! As research has shown that when you think strongly & long enough about sports, your body actually slightly changes and shows some results simular to actual training, how about some vacation experiences?

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Now I don’t do it every day, yet once in a while when I really feel like taking a break, I sit down somewhere quiet and purposely drift off into a dream destination. I try to feel the sand between my feet, the sun tickling my skin and the sound of the ocean waves… Just try to believe in it for a few minutes & call upon all the elements needed to make this ‘day dreaming’ experience as genuine as possible. Don’t go into the ” i wish”. Simply enjoy the moment! And you’ll feel so much more relaxed after this little “day trip”. Walt Disney once said ” If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Try for yourself and please report back your experience below.


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