Forge Your Life as if It’s the Best Work You have ever Created

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Do you sometimes feel like the cute dog above?  I do! Although nine out of ten times I also find a way to regain my energetic level. Lately I even succeeded in shifting into a constant state of energy and the best part: you don’t even have to do a lot of work in order to get into that vibe.

It took me a while to find out why. Yet, as you know me, I never give up. I searched for the answers by having conversations with friends and with our elevate PR team. The first thing I noticed is the fact that the ‘creative’ ones had more energy left at the end of the day, than the hard core ‘analytic thinkers’.

What was the difference? Well, the creative ones found it easier to follow my advice on simply doing the task at hand, without re-thinking of the work waiting in front of them. The ‘analytic thinkers’ however, had repeatedly ‘done’ the job already in their minds before they even got started. So when they started, they were already pretty tired in their heads, as they had done it already five times. They had exhausted their brain, without realising that they did.

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Remember how much energy you get from focussing on something cool, such as a holiday that you will experience in the near future! Days ahead you already feel the vibe. It makes you shine more, gives you a relaxed feeling and so on. But once you start to think of all those suitcases you have to pack, all the stuff you shouldn’t forget to pack…What happens? You get tired. The task at hand became a mountain, instead of a real small hill. So by the time you get to the point of packing, you feel as if you’re about to carry a pyramid through the dessert.

What if I told you that there is a way to avoid that kind of tiredness? And that it is actually not the tasks at hand that make us tired, but it’s our brain that creates this? We are as they say “our own worst enemies”. The creative ones, they know the trick. They have been given the advantage of being dominated by the right side of their brain. While they are drifting of into an intuitive way of operating, the ones dominated by the left side of our brain, are analytically recalculating every aspect of what they are about to do.

Throughout the past week I’ve been trying to talk to our team and helping the ones struggling with this ‘energy loss’ to find ways to shift a little to the ‘right side’ once in a while and there are several ways to do so. For some it works fine to correct ourselves when we notice that we are rethinking too much, instead of acting without analysing every single detail. For others it’s easier to ‘recall’ a moment or situation in which they work on the so called ‘auto pilot’. If cooking is your hobby, you know that when you start cooking, you tend to ‘forget’ the world around, simply concentrating on taste, smell, cutting, ingredients, etc. If you like to draw, be sporty, or whatever it might be, you might want to grab that vibe back in order to ‘reset’ your state of mind when you are over-thinking. Does switching the state of mind mean that you should stop thinking? No, not at all! Yet it is a different, more spontaneous way of thinking. And yes, on top of all: more creative.

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Try to think the moments in your life when the best ideas came to you. You will find out that nine out of ten times happened ‘spontaneously’. The answers came when you least expected them. That is at least what the greatest minds in the world tell us. And most of us will acknowledge that fact. How come? They came from the right side of our brain. Yet in modern society we were taught that we have to think. And by saying that, we started thinking that we had to ‘calculate’ and ‘analyse’ our every action. As a result we started to overvalue the left side of our brain. Smart as it is, the left side even told us that it is such a smart thing to trust upon it. What a pity! As the maybe even smarter right side says “let me outsmart you by giving you some real bright hunches”. Now how about outsmarting both of them? How? By using them upon our wishes. Do we need facts? Use the analytic part. Do you find yourself with a pile of work ahead? Use the logical analyser to make a structured plan, then switch to the creator after that. Stop thinking of that long list, just do it!

Try it and see how it works for you! It might take you some effort, but I can tell you, once you get the hang of it, you will be shocked by the amount of energy you’ve got left at the end of the day. And don’t be scared of not being able to be in control, as your right side is just as smart as the left side. So let them be friends and you will find a whole new, more relaxed and in most cases even brighter, more effective, more creative way of being. Fact: research has proven that people who drive there cars in an ‘auto-pilot’ state of mind, cause far less accidents, in comparison to those who are constantly aware of their every action behind the wheel. So, let’s get in balance!

See you back soon but for now, remember just one more thing:

“Sculpt your life as if it’s the best work you have ever created”


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