Live Your Passion and Follow The Dream

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There are a few aspects that seem to count for all when it comes to how one can make their dreams come true.. A success, in my opinion, is something that takes a clear goal, a realistic view on your talents and a lot of hard work. Success is not a job, it is the result of working as hard as you can, being focused and gathering all the possible knowledge along the road.

Being fabulous does not pay your rent… Or you must be that one out of billions who becomes rich for being simply fabulous, but let’s face it, it takes shiploads of daddy’s money to achieve that. So what does? Passion for every little thing you do! I remember how few years ago, a very smart woman – who happened to be the owner of several high-end boutique hotels – once told me and my fellow students that no one can ever run a 5-star hotel without knowing what it is like to be a chamber maid. And she was damn right!

It takes a lot of will power and a clear goal to get there. Now when I say a clear goal, I don’t mean that you have to make a full agenda to get there. What you should to do is to make your dream more concrete. You have to love your work. No, not every moment of the day, but in the bigger picture. As that is the place that we spend most of the time.

On top of that do things as good as you can. So in order to achieve that, you need to make sure that you know what you are doing.

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If fashion is your thing, dive into it, make yourself an expert. Learn who Marlene Dietrich was, know the works of Richard Avedon, recognize the Mary Quant flower, stop thinking that New Look is the name of a fashion store around the corner and get your facts straight. Do you know the different hairstyles of the past? Can you name at least 15 fashion icons, photographers, designers and top models from the last 100 years? Could you instantly feel the difference between polyester and a crêpe Georgette?

Be that outstanding person who wants to make the most of it, feel the passion and let it burn! You can do it! And if after all the above you decide to become a fire fighter, a teacher or a dog walker, remember: life is not about the status or the fame, it is about who you are as a person and what truly makes your inner-fire burning, for that is what matters most!

“A life lived with passion, is a life lived in joy”


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