How To Living Your Values

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Happy Thursday everyone, you will not believe what just arrived in my alternate office (the hotel lobby).

A goody bag loaded with all things Kiwi – a copy of the Women’s Weekly, a Metro magazine, yesterday’s Boston Herald and a bagel with cream cheese.

It was hand delivered by Libby, the Air NZ Concierge who had done such an awesome job, along with her concierge colleagues, of getting the kids home on their own when I wasn’t able to fly last week. He knew I was still stuck here and offered to bring a paper.

I was so blown away by Libby and Debby’s care and efforts, along with those of the LAX lounge staff, that I was moved to email their CEO  to let him know how incredible they had been, and how much it had put my mind at rest to know that the kids had more than half an eye kept on them.

‘Treat Everyone As A Friend’ is one of Air NZ core values.

We all know how much I love values and culture work. I’ve been known to have entire teams stand up in conference rooms and rip up incomprehensible, mumbo jumbo mission statements and value sets and start with a blank page.

Ironically, the Air NZ Friend value is the example I quote most often when we’re working with clients to help them define, articulate, and bring to life a values set they can call their own. It’s simple, specific, applicable to everyone in the business no matter what level they’re at and meaningful enough that people can remember it, actually find a way to live it, know when they’re doing it, and be recognised for it.

Loving it at every level –  values that people can live, relate to and operationalise, leadership that identifies, acknowledges and rewards them for doing it, a tie-back to the bottom line (that one for everybody who sees values work as soft, flaky and feel-good), and connection all the way to the end user.

Off to make a Vogel’s sandwich and read the Herald now. I’ve been missing the crossword.


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