Elevate PR specializes in connecting your company with your customers. We use a variety of techniques to foster and grow your online presence. We can go after your customers or have them come to you.

According to a ”A  joint survey conducted by Don Bates of George Washington University and Cision, 89% of journalists now depend on social media for story research? In this case, Google and other social media channels can be your best publicist but most businesses and professionals often don’t know how to leverage micromedia and inbound PR.

Each day, we contact hundreds of bloggers, editors and reporters  at local, regional, national, and international levels. By continually cultivating these new media relationships, we know as a pr company, which topics are in demand and can quickly respond to the media’s interests and concerns. When the media wants information about what’s happening in your area of expertise, they will contact you as their expert source.

We can’t promise any miracles, but we do have the capacity to wake the consumer market up and have them believe they dreamt about your brand last night. At Elevate PR we do not believe in traditional PR, neither do we believe in a traditional client versus p.r.-agency relationship. That’s why we prefer to call our clients ‘partners’.

Because in the end, we all have one major goal in common: to get the general public highly aware of your brand/concept and its philosophy.